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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  July 29, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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be sure to stay tuned for that. >> he is looking more manly. >> i think this role will make people take him seriously. rain showers popping up to the west. >> that's right. off the north and wes showers d thunderstorms are on the move. an for heto arrive after 1:, 00 this afternoon. when they get here, some of the storms could be on the strong side. hd radar, again, waking up with a mix of sunshine and cloud cover across the washingto area. we are tracking showers and developing thunderstorms off to the north and west ahead and along a cold front that will usher in cooler and drier air in time for the weekend. the forecast will get better from here but today it could be another hot and humid day with increasing chance of thunderstorms. uncomfortable. 82. mix in the humidity at 74% and it feels like upper 80s to
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about 90. winds out of the west 7 miles per hour. early sunshine, hot, humid out there. afternoon thunderstorms likely today. how about a 60, 70% chance of storms. some could be on the strong side. more details coming up in a couple of minutes. back to you at the desk. >> all right, tucker. thank you very much. our top story, an accused child predator is on the loose. police are searching for a man that attacked a seven-year-old girl in northern virginia. >> this happened in arlington outside of a laundromat while the little girl's mother was steps away. sherri ly joins us with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. good morning, tony. some people that work near the laundromat believe they have seen this child predator lurking around here before but he has disappeared before police say he sexually
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assaulted a 7-year-old girl inside the playhouse. now police are out to get him. the fourth dry cleaning laundromat is open 24 hours a day. outside kids play. on sunday afternoon, arlington police say a child predator sexually assaulted a 7-year-old inside this oversized playhouse. >> i can't get into too many of the specifics but he did sexually assault her. it was not a rape but sexual assault. we consider this very serious. >> reporter: witnesses helped police put together this composite sketch of a possible suspect. >> what happened? >> reporter: julia hernandez works a few doors down and says she thinks she knows him. >> every morning i see him over there. i say are you working? yeah, i'm working. later i come back, 3:00 in the afternoon, every time i see him over there. >> reporter: the 7-year-old said the suspect pulled her
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inside the playhouse. detectives say the suspect had brown eyes with bushy curly black hair and medium complexion. he was seen with a green shirt with green writing in the upper chest area and dark pants. business owners say the mysterious man in the purple shirt has disappeared. >> this morning i talked to him, hey, where is the guy, no more coming, huh? not coming over here. i don't see him. >> reporter: for now kids play but parents keep a watchful eye. >> i work with kids. it's hectic when you try to get something done. you think i can let my kids play because i'm right here. >> reporter: now, the composite sketch is the best clue police have so far in finding this suspect. they have put that out there. they have not released any
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flyers here at the laundromat at this point but they are searching for that suspect. some parents say that this is a grim reminder that you really do have to keep a close eye on your children, especially in public places. live in arlington, sherri ly, fox 5 news, back to you. >> thank you very much. in price william county, a police stand off is in the 15th hour. we are told it started about 5:30 yesterday evening at the home style inn in manassas. a gunman was holed newspaper a room. the suspect fired out the window as s.w.a.t. teams secured the perimeter. they are waiting it out trying to end things peacefully there. a quicker end to a stand off in alexandria. this started with a police chase. officers chased two robbery suspects into alexandria, virginia. the suspect's car crashed into a retaining wall at city hall.
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one got into the building. police surrounded the and the suspect surrender deared after -- surrendered after officers sent in a k-9. a teacher's half clothed body was found lying in the snow in february. the crime angered neighbors and put pressure on state officials. beth parker reports. >> reporter: his last home address is a town house in district heights, maryland. authorities say this is where he did his damage. >> the circumstances speak for themselves in this case. >> reporter: state attorney glenn ivey declined to comment on the specifics of the circumstances but investigators say the victim had been beaten with a hard object and strangled to death with a ligature. the victim's dna is on a piece of concrete block believed to
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have been used to blag gone her. the defendant was sent to the facility because of problems in his neighborhood. those charges seem minor compared to new charges of first-degree murder and attempted rape. prosecutors want him charged as an adult. >> he should be charged as a juvenile. he was a 13-year-old at the time this happened. every study, scientific study will tell anyone that is willing to listen that the brain of a 13-year-old is significantly different in development in terms of impulse control, in terms of judgment. >> reporter: investigators say the teenagers dna was found on a shirt with the victim's blood on it. his fingerprints were found near the scene, too. since the murder happened in february, the state has put pressure on the state department of juvenile services as neighbors question the security. his office received one inquiry letter from a state delegate but he says it has no impact on
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the case. >> we have a job to do here. we have to make sure to do it the right way, based on the law and evidence. politics are irrelevant for us. a judge will decide whether the case is moved to adult court as the state's attorney hope. all people in the juvenile system are released from state custody at age 21. if tried as an adult he could be held longer. a former aol executive has been found guilty of setting up a camera in a changing room at his home before his daughter's party last month. the tiny hidden camera was buried in an article of clothing. it captured one adult in the nude and 18 teenagers changing their clothes. authorities seized computers, cell phones and cameras in search of other illegal activity. he plans to appeal. all four people on a military plane that crashed in alaska are dead. witnesses say thy saw a huge
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fireball shooting hundreds of feet into the air. the c-17 crashed during a training mission at an air force base in anchorage. the air force says three of the four men on board were in the air national guard. the fourth was on active duty. an investigation is under way. a federal judge temporarily blocking some parts of arizona's immigration law. the rest of the law went into effect at midnight. police cannot ask about a person's i am he graduation status enforcing other laws. immigrants don't have to carry identification all the time and police cannot arrest suspected illegals without a warrant. the governor says she will appeal but the white house agrees with the judge saying state law cannot trump federal law. >> based on the fact that you can't have and he said this and i said this, you can't have 50 states making a patchwork of immigration decisions. >> i think it's important to
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remind everybody that today they absolutely, the federal government got relief from the courts to not do their job. >> the temporary injunction issued by the judge is the first step in a long legal process. it could be the end of the year before she makes a final decision on the parts of the law that she blocked. congress has passed a bill reducing the sentencing differences when it comes to crack and powder cocaine convictions. under current law, a person convicted of possessing 5 grams of crack cocaine gets mandatory 5 year prison sentence. the same sentence applies to a person convicted of transporting 500 grams of powder. the bill goes to president obama to be signed into law. we could learn more about the charges congressman charlie rangel is accused of committing. fox's dick brennan joins us live with more on capitol hill.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tony. he is working on a last minute deal but that doesn't mean we will see one because charlie rangel is digging in his heels. he does not want to admit wrongdoing. we will hear for the first time the full statement of the alleged violations. what we heard in the past included the failure to report hundreds of thousands of dollars in income; the use of four rent stabilizeed apartments in harlem, and possibly making improper solicitations for a college named for him, city college of new york. that is the one big sticking point, he doesn't want to admit to this because if he does, it would be essentially an admission of breaking the house rules. he has been in the house for 20 terms, almost 40 years. he had to step aside as the head of the ways and means chairman, so he has gone
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through in his mind a lot. at this point he doesn't want to admit wrongdoing. if he doesn't, it appears likely that this trial will go forward. today's hearing, they make their statements, he can speak if he wants to. he doesn't have to. after the reading of the charges, now we will take a month off and then the so- called trial will take place in the house. in addition, now, charlie rangel has democratic primary in new york city in his district in september, about the time when the trial is supposed to begin. he has four people running against him. his seat may seem likely to be safe and that may not be a concern of his. but everybody else's seat on capitol hill is a concern and a lot of them are getting upset that charlie rangel is not cutting a deal. we will learn more in a few hours. that's the latest. >> thank you, sir. good to see you. in other news, president obama is said to deliver a
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major speech on education reform about an hour from now. he is expected to talk about his race to the top program that reforms local schools. the president will be on the defensive when he speaks at the national urban league in d.c. the league called the president's education policies ineffective. a new report is out on the state of america's beaches. the news is good for those closest to us. we will let you know how your favorite faired. hi. i'm jim perdue.
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we continue to follow our developing story at home. the aftermath of sunday's powerful storm. 7800 customers are still in the dark. this is the 5th day since the storm.
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it's a major frustration for anybody waiting to get their lights turned back on. pepco made significant progress considering there was originally 300,000 customers without power after the storm on sunday. the company says the vast majority of its customers will have the lights back on by tonight. tony? >> we hope that's true for your sake, allison. >> thank you. if you have been without power for a few days, you may think it's time for a vacation. some area beaches get a 4 star rating in a new report that studied water quality, contaminants at 200 beach locations around the country. joining us is john devine. good to see you. thanks for coming in. >> thank you, tony. >> let's talk about, before we get to the specifics for the beaches in our area, let's talk about the report overall and what the criteria is that you use when you rate these beaches. >> absolutely. >> so, our report looks at beaches around the country, coastal beaches including the
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great lakes, the water quality there as well as information about closings and advisories that beach managers may get each year. >> you have done this for a number of years. >> 20th year. >> and generally speaking, have you found improvement in the conditions around the beaches or does it vary depending on where you are? >> it varies a bit. we have seen relatively stable levels of exceedances of national health standards over the last several years. that suggests to us that the pollution problems that caused these closings and advisories are the same. >> not great news. you want to see that change. >> let's talk about the local beaches. i want to start with -- let's start with the cleanest beaches in your report. virginia and maryland rank good in the report. we did do good. the state's overall were better than the average in terms of how many -- what percent stage of the time they exceeded the
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national health standard as compared to the rest of the country. we had in our rating system several local beaches that were four out of five stars. we look at the debris to which standards are met at the beaches and whether they are met 95% of the time more. how good the local managers do at letting people know about conditions at the beach and how frequently they test. as you said, some local beaches did very well. sandy point state park in maryland as well as parts of virginia beach. >> we have some of the stats to show that as well. like, for example, you talk about sandy point, virginia beach, when you say they do well, you are not just talking about the whole beach. anyone who has gone to the beaches -- you are talking about specific areas, you get detailed in the analysis. >> that's correct. >> in our entire report, we look at the rating chart of
9:19 am
200,000 beaches. the entire report is online at our web site. you can look at detailed information about every beach including, as you say, parts of individual beaches. >> i got to ask you about the impact that you are seeing from the oil spill in the gulf of mexico down in that area and elsewhere. >> sure. our report typically looks at just conditions from last summer. and exceedances of standards based on water borne illness related issues. because of the magnitude of the problem in the gulf, we looked at closures and advisor rice due to the oil spill. compared to last year at this time, it's hard to compare, frankly. there have been in the neighborhood of 2,000 closings and advisory days at various beaches around the gulf which
9:20 am
is about eight times as many days that the same beaches were closed at this point last year. >> all right. generally speaking, what are the primary contaminants or pollutants that you see at beaches around the country. >> what we are looking for prime merely is a form of -- primarily is a form of bacteria that is an indicator for water borne illness, mainly stomach flu which people can contract if they are exposed. that's what the tests look at. what we have been focusing on in our report is to make sure that the sources of those contaminants, storm water and sewage, that those are addressed so that we better have -- have better quality at the beaches. >> there is a lot of good information in the report. you can see the entire report at their web site and
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we will link to you the web site as well at thank you for coming in. >> thank you, tony. >> allison, back to you. the governor of california declares a state of emergency. the latest on a wildfire that forced people from their home. >> holly is getting close to predators of the sea.
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i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ ...and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections... extraordinary chicken. governor schwarzenegger declares a state of emergency in southern california where wildfires are raging out of control there. it's on the edge of the mojave desert into the southern seer
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nevada -- sierra nevada. firefighters hope the wind speeds stay calm as they attempt to battle the flames. turning to the gulf of mexico, crews have resumed work on the relief well aimed at killing bp's ruptured well. the work was put on hold because of tropical storm bonnie which passed through without doing any major damage. federal officials say engineers will remove a temporary plug then flush the tunnel with drilling mud by next monday. finally, they will insert casing and cement so the oil will be forced back down to the natural petroleum reservoir. that process could take days or weeks. hundreds of miles away, more concerns over a devastating oil spill in michigan. the state's governor is slamming the company responsible for the 800-gallon plus spill. the governor says promising to double the number of workers to contain the spill, the resources being provided by the
9:27 am
company are wholly inadequate. she is calling on the federal government for more help. well, believe it or not, it's time for redskins training camp. >> dave ross will join us next with a preview of today's activity. >> and, soul patrol. the leader is in the studio. we are talking to taylor hicks. [ female announcer ] this is a strawberry pop tart.
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it's the beginning of high hopes and dreams of, yes, another super bowl run. redskins camp opens today. >> i'm a redskins fan. i don't think we are getting to
9:31 am
the super bowl yet. >> have high hopes. >> i do. >> will it spark a new winning culture? that would be good. dave ross is live at redskins park with a preview. dave, does it feel different out there? >> it does feel different. i can hear it in your voice, the little chuckle that you had when they are already talking super bowl. as you know, sir, that's what they do every year. at least in years past it was laughable. i do get the vibes now with mike shanahan and bruce allen running this that better days are ahead. we have to see if they can do that on the field, not just paper. but things look remarkably better than they have in times past. every day at this hour, we will try to have you at home be interactive with us. what do you think about the team. go to, click on the sports stab, ask me a question
9:32 am
-- sports question and we will try to answer them. i got one, how in the world did you get this job? i'm not going to answer that one. that came from a friend of mine. tony, what do you think. what is your concern. >> i got many questions. the big thing i want answered today, the albert haynesworth thing, what does he look like, is he in shape, what is his attitude like. my question for you is the offense. we have mike shanahan, a couple of super bowl rings, his son running the offense. what can we expect out of the offense. it's a very new, very different offense with donovan mcnabb. >> excellent question. it's like i knew it was coming. but with mcnabb and with kyle shanahan running this thing, things look better. kyle shanahan last year with the same role had matt schaub
9:33 am
as his quarterback and he lead the entire nfl in passing yards. mcnabb is an upgrade. with mike shanahan's passion for running the ball, you combine the running and passing, they could lied up the scoreboard. one guy to keep an eye on is fred davis. he will be in his third year now. in houston, they through to the tight end all the time with kyle shanahan. i expect big things this year. albert chains worth -- haynesworth is the number one question but i think this offense could be better than people think. >> that question that you already got, how did you get that job, i checked on the computer, that came from our news director. >> please don't have him answer it. >> thanks, dave. see you tomorrow. >> thanks, dave. so, maybe too early for super bowl hopes. >> a better winning team. >> they will be better this
9:34 am
year. >> definitely. >> how can they not. >> the forecast is not a winner. >> i tried to do a segue but tony ruined it with back to the redskins. >> it's all business here today. not expeina repeat peornce of what happened sunday afternoon but some storms could be on the strong side. you see this line of con vehicletive activity, translation thunderstorms, taking shape here just north and west of the border with maryland and pennsylvania. guess what, all of this is generally heading in our direction. i think by early afternoon, this hazy, hot humid air will give way to thunderstorms and some could be on the strong side. much coor and drier air moving in from the north and west. let me show you the cold front on the way. you can see on the satellite and radar that it's moving south and east here. any time after about noon, 1:00, 2:00, neighborhoods off to the north and west then working through washington and points south and east later
9:35 am
this afternoon, look out for the possibility of thunderstorms. out to the north and west, cooler and drier air. that is the weekend forecast. friday, saturday and sunday look great. temperature-wise we will be cooler. 84 at reagan. 82 len north town. 84 annapolis. if you feel like it's been hot all month, you got it right. average temperature 83. that was the third warmest in history. in 1993, 93.1. this month shaping up to be the warmest july in history in washington, 83.3 degrees. we will see if we don't hang on though that -- to that. with high temperatures back into the 90s, the numbers will be safe for the next day or so. clouds and thunderstorms by early afternoon. some storms will be on the strong side. 93 the early afternoon high. wind out of the west a 5 to 10. the five-day forecast, overnight cooler. 72. here comes the cool dry air for friday and the weekend.
9:36 am
87 tomorrow. friday, saturday, sunday look decent. high temperatures in the middle 80s around here. that will feel great. that's a look at the forecast. now i will throw it over to tony, allison and mr. soul patrol himself. >> that's right. >> you know it. taylor hicks is in studio. he has a big show tonight and one on august 3rd that we will talk about in annapolis. right now he is with us. >> good to see you. >> feel like i was here two months ago doing grease. >> we like you. >> i love it here. >> you have been busy. tell us about the tour. >> going well. we have been in it a week. we have a national tour set up with 23 dates and traveling across the country, one bus, music thing. the record that came out last year, with the following of grease, it's a great national tour and live music.
9:37 am
>> the pride of alabama has been a busy man. >> you got to stay out there. >> we want to get to your song, do you want to introduce the band. >> most are from birmingham. they have been with me for a while. we had a blast. thanks for having us. >> you call it the best band that you put together. >> great band. we heard them during the break. you will love this. what are you doing. >> taking it to the street. >> you don't understand, every week i was waiting for michael mcdonald from you, from idol. now it's taylor hicks the performance past "american idol." i can't wait to hear it. >> taylor hicks tonight. here he is doing taking it to the streets.
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well, screams in the middle of the night is what campers heard as a bare or bears tore through tents at a montana camp sight outside of yellowstone national park early yesterday. one person was killed, two others hurt. five traps are set around the camp site. take a look at this. a gator feeding frenzy caught on tape. a fisherman came across alligators near a swamp. he shot this video, uploaded it. the gators were in a small canal that leads from a state park basin into the main channel of the swamp in florida. rangers say such massive gatherings are rare. i have never seen anything like
9:44 am
that. >> i want to know where the fisherman was when he shot that. >> he appears to be in a boat. yeah, he's in a boat. he doesn't seem to be rushing to get out. >> okay. well, from gators to another danger in the water, sharks. >> holly is spending the morning getting to know the finned creatures. she has the details on a new exhibit coming up next. they are the stars of the new movie charley st. cloud. coming up next, zac efron and amanda crew. hi. i'm jim perdue. in case of everyday emergencies... guys, go get changed! ...or soccer practice, it's important to be prepared for dinner. that's why i've prepared my perdue perfect portions fresh chicken breasts.
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all right. our home time friday store is a lot of fun this friday. it's the last stop which we are disappointed. we will be greenbelt, maryland, time square from 6:00 until 10:00 tomorrow morning. ask allison is going on the
9:48 am
road to greenbelt as well. if you have a question about the greenbelt area or are from the area or out there and feel like asking a question, yeah, drop a line or do all the other things that we mentioned. you can even be out there live if you have a good question. head to and click on the morning tab for a link. >> is that why you gave up sailing, stanford. >> you like her. you like the sailor girl. >> it's the story of love, loss and life. zac efron is morning the loss of his brother. joining thus morning to talk about the movie is zac efron and costar amanda crew. good morning. >>. >> hello. >> i was looking at the trailer and it made me cry a bit. this movie is going to be very
9:49 am
emotional. i bet you will want to hug your siblings and parents when you are done watching it. tell us about it? >> yeah. charley st. cloud is a story about family. my character charley is about to go off to college and pursue his dreams when his younger brother tragically dies in a car accident. he loses himself and becomes very withdrawn and stops living his life. then amanda's character, tess, sort of comes in and resurrect him and helps him rebuild his life. it's about being able to let go of the past and move on and live your life to the fullest. it's up lifting in a very family -- >> amanda, you are well known for your work in tv and film, you are originally from canada. now you are in this movie. tell us about your character
9:50 am
tess. >> tess was a fun character to play because she is just about to sail around the world by herself in this competition. she is just a strong independent unpolo get particular woman -- una local get particular woman that won't let anyone get in the way of that. >> and she's beautiful. >> this is based on a 2004 novel by ben sherwood called the death in the life of charley st. cloud. for those that read the book, pretty close as far as the script goes. >> yeah. there are always a abbreviations you have to make when you make the movie but i think so. >> it was cool because sometimes when books are adapted into movies, the authors are resistant but ben came to the set a few times and such a fan and cool. >> he was a big presence for us onset. he was coming and very encouraging to us.
9:51 am
he offered a lot of insight and help into making the movie. it was great to have him on board and be on the team. >> besides the emotion of it, a acting. did you do your own stunts as far as the sailing. >> we did. we had crazy days on the water, me and amanda. we had a full day of free sailing on this one day when the water was ice cold. >> so windy. it was october. >> we had really crazy winds. we had some of the more intense sailing and it was all us. so, that's us out there. check it out. >> we will check it out. the movie opens tomorrow, july 30th, friday july 30th. it's called charley st. cloud. thanks for joining us. good luck to you both. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. fox 5 holly morris is getting up close and personal with shark species. she is at the washington
9:52 am
aquarium to preview the shark weekend. >> it's the 11th year they have done it. it's super popular. it's a great time and super interactive. they have a special guest this year, jim thome. he is the brains behind they are mond's lagoon. >> alexandria. >> you are a local buy. >> i live in annapolis now. >> you moved far. >> local boy done good. he is in like 150 newspapers. now they have done this whole tribute inspired by your cartoon. my challenge to you, do you think that in about 3 1/2 minutes you can draw a cartoon for us. >> that's about how long my job takes anyway. >> i need to get your job. >> off and running, you start drawing and i will have the life size sherman here to inspire you as well. while he is at work, i will bring bob raymond in once
9:53 am
again, the executive director of the national aquarium to talk about, this weekend, it's a time to come to the aquarium but at the same time you have special things going on throughout the day. >> some of the highlights. >> we do. saturday and sunday, the 31st and 1st, shark weekend which leads into shark week. we will have crafts, lectures by shark experts. we are thinking about sharks. this is a fun place to come, get out of the heat, be cool and learn about sharks. we are excited. we will be debuting sherman's look gone right here. what better way to learn about sharks than by the loveable great white sherman lagoon. >> we thank you for letting us get a sneak peek. there will be different activities. >> crafts throughout the day. we will have t-shirt making, lectures by sharks. so, we want families to come in and really learn about sharks by doing, experiencing sherman's lagoon and by seeing
9:54 am
the other animals that live with sharks. >> look at my artists at work this morning. they have been here all morning long, super fun and i don't want you guys to think this is a play session. it's entertaining and educational. i gave them a mission. each one has to tell me something that they learned about sharks today. if they tell me something that -- i will give it to them ahead of time then they can tell me something. so i want you to hold this up, speak through there. tell me what you learned? >> there is more than 300 different kinds of species of sharks. >> no way, more than 300 different species of sharks. let's see, let me do this one now. okay. hold that one up, over your face. there you go. now tell me. >> some sharks are endangered. >> that's right. that's why conservation is important. okay. how about this one. do you want to hold that.
9:55 am
>> tell me something about sharks. >> sharks won't eat me. >> sharks won't eat you. you are right. i hear you have a loose tooth, right? i will give you this shark tooth. that can fill in the space when yours comes out. you tell me something. >> sharks bite. >> sharks bite. >> and if they bite with that tooth, it might leave a mark. >> sharks were here before dinosaurs. i think that might have been one of them. you guys just came. can you tell me something about sharks. >> mako can swim up to 30 miles per hour. >> he came in the last five minutes. he will be having a seminar, clearly. can you tell me something or show me the pretty shark you made? very good. i saved this for you too. i want you to put this in. you have to talk through the middle of it. tell me something about sharks. >> they grow up to 40 feet some of them. >> get out of town. >> if a shark comes out of the
9:56 am
water, you can tell it's a shark because two fins come up. >> man, you guys are super smart. look at the things you can learn. quickly, before we go, let's check in with our man jim. jim, what do you have? >> this is the national aquarium. learn about me. you can learn about sherman and meet jim. he will be doing signings and learn about the sharks that are out there. it's this saturday and sunday. is our web site. you want me to hold it? i'll keep it in a safe place. she has to get back to her shark art. back to you guys. >> net stuff. back with a final check of your forecast after the break. in case of everyday emergencies, it's important to be prepared for dinner. that's why i've prepared my perdue perfect portions fresh chicken breasts.
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i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ ...and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections... extraordinary chicken. things are quiet on capitol hi. >> clouds are on e increase. lots of heat and humidity. thunderstorms are on the move. there they are in southwest pennsylvania. they will be moving into the washington area any time after about


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